“Working with Deb was comfortable and easy. I felt like what I was able to express was really heard and really mattered. Deb’s methods of mediation and counseling combined with her knowledge and compassion helped us to transform our relationships with our children in our blended family.” Step-parent

“I have sent dozens of clients in the midst of complex parenting cases to Deb for co-parenting mediation. Based upon my own observation and feedback from clients, Deb brings an empathy, insight, and intelligence to mediation that is unique. Of equal importance, fathers and mothers report that she is balanced and creative in her approach to parenting arrangements.” Attorney

“Mediation with Deb has been helpful in working out the small but important details of co-parenting that my ex-husband and I could not work out effectively on our own.” Parent

“Deb has been instrumental in working out favorable results without court intervention between people struggling to find better communication. She helps people reach middle ground by listening to what they say and how they say it. She is very good at looking below the surface and figuring out what is really motivating the dysfunction. Deb has saved people time, legal costs, and aggravation by helping them to arrive at a solution that they both embrace, rather than one imposed on them by a judge. The most recent example is the ( name ) case, which resulted in a mediated settlement between the two of them, with very little intervention by attorneys.” Attorney

“As a guardian ad litem and parents’ attorney, I have referred and continue to refer parents to work with Deb Belanger when they are just unable to effectively communicate around co-parenting. She is able to work well with diverse, competing and challenging personality types when they are in high conflict or simply need a forum in which to focus on the children rather than all of the distractions presented by day to day life and empower them to converge. This approach, which allows parents to work together, take charge of the decision-making and protect the children from the litigation process, offers a great alternative to the judicial system.” Attorney, GAL

“Dear Deb,
Thanks so much for your help with ( name ) and my separation. We were divorced in a few minutes in front of Judge (name) on (date). She commented on our cooperation and asked us who we worked with to come up to agreeable terms in spite of the sadness. Sincerely, (name)”

“Dear Deborah,
After an hours wait this Friday, I met with the judge and it was over in less than 5 minutes.
I (and I am sure (name) too ) thank you so much for what we wanted to be done fair and right was achieved. You brought out some subtle points that eliminated potential doubt or misunderstanding. I am glad we avoided ( details …) as we both can go from this decision, with respect and still caring for the person we’ve shared this part of the journey with. Again, thank you for making this transition an amicable and honorable one. Sincerely, ( name)”